Can You Make a Connection?

20 04 2009

From Justin Hiserote

I chose this commercial to show that you don’t need to create a new jingle to sell your product. Why make a new jingle that could potentially flop when you can steal from greats such as Gioachino Rossini, Richard Wagner, Giacomo Puccini, or in this case, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart especially when it fits the commercial so well?
The music in this commercial comes from Mozart’s opera, Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute). This commercial will only make sense right away to those familiar with the opera. (Hint: There is a connection between the music and what you see in the ad.) Why Red Bull decided to create a commercial that would only make sense to a small portion of the population is still beyond me.
For those who haven’t seen the opera I will a brief explanation of what is going on. Basically what happens at this point in the opera is that Papageno (one of the main characters) enters the scene to sing an aria about how he is the birdcatcher and how he is looking for “birds.” In the commercial the cat is also a birdcatcher and he caught a bird.




2 responses

22 04 2009
Corey Haugen

I never knew about the whole background of the opera song in the commercial. I think it actually makes the commercial even more clever. It captures the smaller audience of people who do know the opera, and it still gets everyone else’s attention because of the much simpler story created. That being that the cat wants to eat the bird so he drinks Red Bull to give him wings!

20 04 2009
Renee Gilardy

I enjoyed this advertisement. I don’t even drink Red Bull but their campaigns are always so funny. I had never seen this one before. The first time I watched it I didn’t get the premise right away but I thought it was really funny once I did. I think Red Bull does a good job with this commercial because they make you sit and watch waiting for the tagline; meanwhile, you’re just staring at their product the entire time, remembering and be branded.

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