Advertising during a recession

30 04 2009

From Kelsey Abbott

Comments: I found this commercial to be very comical. They took the opportunity to relate Trojan condoms and connect it to our economy during this hard time. The commercial first begins as very patriotic, making the viewer think it is some political campaign, but really is a commercial for Trojan condoms. They way they phrased this commercial and relating it to our economy is very clever and advertised it in a very comical way. They are promoting to use a condom every time, but also advertise it in a way that promotes awareness, but also interest.



30 04 2009

From Stella Chan

This is a short 1 minute commercial for Xbox 360. What’s interesting is that the beginning of the commercial would actually make the audience wonder “What is this?” and would want to pay attention to see what is actually going on in the commercial. It is very creative. However, I have another perspective on this commercial, which is if the audience does not really know what the commercial is for since the very beginning, would they want to continue? Is this commercial doable? Is this even an awareness ad since some people might not even finish watching the commercial? No matter what, this is a very interesting commercial to watch, but it’s also an example for me to think about HOW to make it more obvious to the audience that this is a Xbox commercial.


30 04 2009

From Alexander Diaz
I have chosen this ad because it relates to a topic already discussed in class. This is a funny but effective ad that shows positioning based on functional needs. Columbia Sports Wear tries to prove that it can provide solutions to customers’ current needs. “ Tested tough” message at the end of the ad implies that consumers’ functional needs are fulfilled by high-quality products and that Columbia Sports jackets are not only waterproof but also offer additional protection under extreme climate conditions.



30 04 2009

From Lex Chase

I choose this ad because i was intrigued by American Apparel’s provocative print ad’s, so i searched to see if they had video. This video is just one in a series of 5 ad’s where the actors are very seductive with themselves in front of the camera. I felt like the ad really represented the companies large target towards the gay community because all the elements (music, editing, the actor’s body language and physical features) had a feminine touch to them. All the other commercials featuring men in this campaign showed the same characteristics. I thought i was very interesting how the ad didn’t just play on the images of this man but the music also added to the over sexed message displayed making it seem even more like soft-core porn. Within this and all their other ad’s, AA goes for this ideal that you wear their clothes and you’ll be sexy but when in fact much of what they do could be seen as victimizing and a bit pornographic, two things not usually deemed as good qualities. This featured aspect within this and many of their other ad’s is probably what makes them so popular among the younger populations though.


30 04 2009

From Rachel Cohn

I chose this WNBA commercial because it takes a unique approach to promoting the league. Instead of talking about how great the players are, the ad confronts the many misconceptions about the league head on. In this ad, Tamika Catchings, a WNBA player is saying some of the negative things that people say about the league. At the end the ad says “She wouldn’t say that. Would you?” When this ad along with two others like it first came out, there was a lot of negative backlash for the ads. Many people didn’t think that reverse psychology was working and thought that people were just agreeing with what the players said in the ads. Many argued that by the WNBA airing these ads, they just brought to light the weaknesses of the league. The WNBA quickly made new ads with the same Expect Great theme, but instead of putting the league down, the players talked about the positive qualities that they possess. I think that while many people were opposed to the original ads, they got people talking about the WNBA which is important step towards the league’s growth.

Old Monster

30 04 2009

From Renee Alvarado

This is a advertisement is from 1999 and aired in the Superbowl. Most advertisements for this year were for websites. I chose this advertisement because it is a great example of resonance of early childhood with an ironic twist of what you think they are going to say. It is also pretty depressing because even though this advertisement is from ten years ago, it is still very relevant today.


30 04 2009

From Christina Dunning

Although some may not take this ad seriously due to its content: sagging jeans, bling bling, and Mickey Avalon; this ad is produced well. Boost Mobile’s target audience is (for the most part, and depicted in this ad) a young crowd easily impressed by the “cool factor.” Young Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri, and Mickey Avalon are popular. Fast cars, helicopters, and private jets are luxurious. This ad therefore uses a Desire or Interest approach; if popular, luxurious people use Boost Mobile, then wanna-be popular, luxurious people will use Boost Mobile too. The ad also deserves credit for its superb motion graphics. The on-screen text matches what the rappers say, and the graphics correspond well. The ad shows that the editors and creative team had great understanding of design programs (probably After Effect and Mya). The intricate design opens the product to another market – myself for example. I really don’t care for any of the rappers in this commercial, or what they have to say; but, I appreciate the quality and time that went into making this ad and pass it on simply for that. I have passed this ad on to friends and have blogged about it more than once now…something is clearly working for Boost Mobile’s marketing!