Put a Fork

5 06 2009

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5 06 2009

From Alexander Diaz


This IKEA commercial is very creative and funny. It exaggerates a situation that can happen in someone’s bedroom under extreme circumstances. IKEA is successful in combining humor while making a sexual reference that catches the viewer attention within 16 seconds and contradicting our minds because at the end it is not what we expect to happen. The need is clearly stated and the solution is reinforced when IKEA announces its brand as an alternative to the problem.


5 06 2009

From Rachel Gillette

This ad is interesting because the commercial, very clearly, uses positioning to compare the competition to their brand. The most effective part of this ad is that, using a song to entertain, the entire commercial consists of a list of all the ways the consumer’s life and everything he values will fall apart if he uses an alternative product. Not only does the ad set up how important a shoe is to a soccer player, but the claim that resonates is that any other shoe will end in certain destruction. Although the ad was meant to cut down other shoe brands, the main message for the entirety of the ad is shoes=bad. This does not necessarily minimize the cleverness of this advertisement, but is an angle to be noted.

State Farm

5 06 2009

From Kelsey Brassil

I really like this commercial because I thought it was very cute. It originally caught my attention because I recognized the song. I didnt know what it was for at first, and I was trying to figure it out at the beginning. I watched the whole commercial because I wanted to see what it was for, then after I realized it was for State Farm, the whole commercial made more sense. I like how they showed so many different kinds of situations. Some of them seemed to be really sad and others were really happy! But they were both so cute and just made me smile.

These ads are for…what?

5 06 2009

From Christina Dunning

link 2:
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-8Ihsccknw&feature=related

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URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a189xAYBRv8&feature=related

This is a series of ads for…um, what are they for?! These ads have cute kids doing silly things, but are they really related to Trigon BlueCross BlueShield? When I first saw them being passed around on YouTube I laughed and even bookmarked them; they’re funny! But not initially, nor now, do I have any desire to switch insurance companies. If Trigon’s goal was to gain public awareness that they simply existed…then through internet word of mouth marketing and comedy, they sort-of succeeded. But if Trigon had a goal of actually gaining clients, I personally don’t see how they could have met it. The ads don’t have any hard information about Trigon or show me why Trigon is such a great insurance company, they simply make me laugh. Enjoy!

Just WRong

5 06 2009

From Courtney Doss

This commercial is wrong on so many levels. Even though this was made in the 60’s, Hawaiian Punch should have known better about this one. When I first saw it I was expecting (the Hawaiian Puncher) to do something cute, or sing or something of that nature. But then when he punched that other guy in the face and kept skipping along I was shocked! This ad definitely did not make me want to buy Hawaiian Punch, ever (even though I don’t drink soda).

Solve some problems

5 06 2009

From Lex Chase
Here’s an absolut vodka ad in which a man is asked to do obscene amounts of work before he leaves for the day 10 minutes before he’s supposed to get off. I think this ad is great because not only is absolut using their name to their advantage they’re showing how the living the “absolut” life can come to your overall advantage. It’s hilarious how they turn a situation that sucks into a positive experience making the viewer want to be an absolut drinker, hoping that their life could be this ideal as well. If you watch all the other absolut ad’s you’ll find this pattern where they display scenarios that people seem to complain about the most and proposing that these problems will go away by drinking absolut makes me want to be an absolut drinker to some extent.