4 06 2009

From Nick Cody

This ad is meant to scare teens into staying “Above the Influence” of drugs and alcohol. This ad is presented to seem like a real, phone-recorded video. The quality of the video is poor, it’s clearly being held by a fellow teen. There is a passed-out teen who is being played with while she is unconscious against her will or knowledge. The ad is funny to most college students, because this is seen as humorous more than it is dangerous. I feel like this ad totally missed its goal and does little to enforce the idea that being above the influence is the way to be.



4 06 2009

From Andrew Baldwin

I chose this commercial because it is very clever. They start out with some good music that really plays into the theme of the video and engages the viewer. They added a celebrity being Jennifer Aniston to catch peoples attention as well. The commercial as a whole uses ambiguity and is a transformational advertisement as it uses humor as the main theme. I really like how you assume that the man is going to give the last two Heineken’s with Jennifer, or at least split them and go home with her. Instead he just takes them for himself and leaves the beautiful girl standing there. It is a good twist on something that you assume is going to happen and does not.


4 06 2009

From Adam Garside

The Wii is such a cool video game device since it allows the gamer to feel like they have more apart of the game. I love this commercial for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 because of the simple idea behind it. Replacing Tiger’s clubs with a Wii controller is creative as if Tiger could really be playing professional gold with a video game control. Good idea, good game, good commercial.

Good ads

4 06 2009

From Jillian Hollis


This first ad is an outdoor ad done by Pedigree. It is a video monitor set up to look like the inside of a shelter. Peoples reactions to the ad were then filmed and made into this commercial. I liked this ad because it obviously instantly has impact on people who view either the commercial or see the outdoor ad itself. I love animals and agree that the number of animals that need adoption is growing. This ad plays on peoples guilty concious about puppy mills and bad shelters, and it works. The other reason I liked this ad so much was because I thought pedigree did such a unique outdoor ad. I have never seen any video posted on a bus terminal. It has a huge amount of exposure because so many people take the bus and as you can also see the amount of drivers at the red light that are able to view it.


I thought this ad was really funny and served two purposes well. It features puppets of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James hanging out together while Lebron is getting pumped up for the NBA playoffs. Although this is a Nike ad it also serves its purpose as a playoff spot. Many of the playoff commercials this year have been slow motion play backs from last years exciting moments, and although they have been good, none of themreally captured my attention. This one was really funny and probably wouldonly work with the use of puppets. You might not even realize it is a Nike commercial until Lebron gets up on the coffee table and starts dancing around while the camera zooms in on his little Nike puppet shoes stomping around. The end of the commercial briefly shows Nikebasketball,com.


4 06 2009

From Erica Granger

This one is called Microsoft Surface- The Possibilities

This is a series of advertisements Microsoft has done for the Microsoft Surface campaigns. Each ad is set up the same way with either one person or two people sitting down at the table and with the same guy doing the voice over. Each person is simply demonstrating and showing you how you could use the Microsoft Surface. This isn’t your typical ad because there is no little story or plot to it. This is simply a demonstration of how the Microsoft Surface works and each different advertisement shows something different and unique to the table and all that it can do. I find this Microsoft Surface fascinating and it really is something of the future. It gives us a small demonstration or a peek rather at what our future could look like. This table is worth about $12,000 right now and is not open yet for the public to buy. It is only currently available for commercial purchases only and you have to buy through a vendor. Microsoft Surface is a revolutionary surface-computing platform that responds to natural hand gestures and real world objects. It uses cameras that enable the live interactions with hands, objects, and devices. As this Microsoft Surface continues to evolve it will be everywhere and in many different environments such as, schools, businesses, homes, to any number of form factors- part of the counterop of a table or even a wall. This is what the future is all about, the possibilites are endless. Are you ready?

here is another youtube video showing you the campaigns… all the different advertisements in one called:

Microsoft Surface The Magic The Power The Possibilities

He’s Back!

4 06 2009

From Ryan Dols

I saw this ad online awhile ago, right before Tiger came back. I thought it was great and kept waiting for it to make it to television, but as far as I know it never did. This ad is incredibly creative and is a great concept. The song couldn’t be more perfect and the reactions and scenes within the ad are amazing. I wish it would have made television as I think it is the most refreshing ad I’ve seen in a long time. Instead of focusing on Tiger’s amazing talent like many Tiger Woods ads, it switches it up and hardly even shows him. Showing other players success in light of Tiger’s absence was a great idea and separates this Tiger ad from all others I’ve seen, where we always see Tiger doing something incredible.

Stihl Good

4 06 2009

From Stephen Hoshaw


This is an awesome collection of a campaign that Stihl did for its outdoor tools. My favorite ones have to be the chainsaw/weed-whacker ad’s. The images of the kid, or the girl, are pretty hilarious when you understand the overall impact of forgetting about your backyard until it is too late. The pictures with the wildlife that have overgrown the statues also work very well because of how they composed the shots. They seem very monumental, and thoughtful.