Social Media gone bad

4 06 2009

From Renee Gilardy:

Chevrolet ran a promotion in 2006 during an episode of The Apprentice. The promotion encouraged fans of the Chevy Tahoe to build their own ads from stock footage of the SUV on Chevy’s website. The ads built by the consumers would then appear on Chevy’s website for all to see. The individual with the best ad would win concert and sporting event tickets.

Unfortunately, Chevy’s promotion backfired on them when people started creating ads that looked at Chevy in a poor light. The ads accused Chevy of environmental degradation. What made it worse was the ads were on Chevy’s server making it look like Chevy themselves supported these views.

This is a perfect example of advertising going sour and a perfect example of internet ideas to avoid. Below is one example of the kinds of advertisements people created for Chevy’s promotion.




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