4 06 2009

From Erica Granger

This one is called Microsoft Surface- The Possibilities

This is a series of advertisements Microsoft has done for the Microsoft Surface campaigns. Each ad is set up the same way with either one person or two people sitting down at the table and with the same guy doing the voice over. Each person is simply demonstrating and showing you how you could use the Microsoft Surface. This isn’t your typical ad because there is no little story or plot to it. This is simply a demonstration of how the Microsoft Surface works and each different advertisement shows something different and unique to the table and all that it can do. I find this Microsoft Surface fascinating and it really is something of the future. It gives us a small demonstration or a peek rather at what our future could look like. This table is worth about $12,000 right now and is not open yet for the public to buy. It is only currently available for commercial purchases only and you have to buy through a vendor. Microsoft Surface is a revolutionary surface-computing platform that responds to natural hand gestures and real world objects. It uses cameras that enable the live interactions with hands, objects, and devices. As this Microsoft Surface continues to evolve it will be everywhere and in many different environments such as, schools, businesses, homes, to any number of form factors- part of the counterop of a table or even a wall. This is what the future is all about, the possibilites are endless. Are you ready?

here is another youtube video showing you the campaigns… all the different advertisements in one called:

Microsoft Surface The Magic The Power The Possibilities




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