4 06 2009

From Diane Grewe

I chose this ad because I thought it was really catchy, I really enjoyed the song along with the overall atmosphere of the ad. They made it very appealing to kids by showing the boy dancing, looking cool, and having a good time. To me the ad associates happy meals with being happy and having enjoying yourself. I also noticed that the ad was parent friendly as well, instead of showing the hamburger, fries, and a soda happy meal option they showed a happy meal with the apple, milk, and chicken nuggets. This ad not only advocates kids wanting happy meals but also encourages them to chose healthier options which would make parents more likely to want to take their kids to get a happy meal. I also really liked how the dad looked so confused at first and then slowly caught on and started dancing with his son’s music. As a kid I associated family dinners with being overly healthy and more on the boring side, this ad makes what appears to be a boring, clean family dinner turn into a fun and colorful event because of the happy meal. I think that one important message kids could pick up on from this ad is that happy meals make boring dinners fun.




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