Good ads

4 06 2009

From Jillian Hollis


This first ad is an outdoor ad done by Pedigree. It is a video monitor set up to look like the inside of a shelter. Peoples reactions to the ad were then filmed and made into this commercial. I liked this ad because it obviously instantly has impact on people who view either the commercial or see the outdoor ad itself. I love animals and agree that the number of animals that need adoption is growing. This ad plays on peoples guilty concious about puppy mills and bad shelters, and it works. The other reason I liked this ad so much was because I thought pedigree did such a unique outdoor ad. I have never seen any video posted on a bus terminal. It has a huge amount of exposure because so many people take the bus and as you can also see the amount of drivers at the red light that are able to view it.


I thought this ad was really funny and served two purposes well. It features puppets of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James hanging out together while Lebron is getting pumped up for the NBA playoffs. Although this is a Nike ad it also serves its purpose as a playoff spot. Many of the playoff commercials this year have been slow motion play backs from last years exciting moments, and although they have been good, none of themreally captured my attention. This one was really funny and probably wouldonly work with the use of puppets. You might not even realize it is a Nike commercial until Lebron gets up on the coffee table and starts dancing around while the camera zooms in on his little Nike puppet shoes stomping around. The end of the commercial briefly shows Nikebasketball,com.




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