3 06 2009

From Lee Anne Denyer

I love both of these advertisements! Both of these commercials were posted to YouTube in 2006, which leads me to assume they were part of a campaign Starbucks put out during that year. These are just two of the advertisements in the campaign that combine everyday people experiencing the benefits of Starbucks pre-made drinks with the support of the people around them. It is clear these advertisements are part of a campaign because of the similarities in organization, use of music, and text. I think it is interesting that they both focus on one character being supported by everyday people, which has continued to be a trend present throughout more recent campaigns that have dealt with environmental and social issues. Through the years it appears Starbucks is a big fan of everyday individuals doing their part to make even the smallest difference in our world. I am very pleased with the advertising Starbucks has put out especially in these two examples.




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