1 06 2009

From Derek Allen

Three weeks ago I went to a zombie/vampire film festival. Among the sponsors was PopCap Games and this advertisement began the short film block:

I typically ignore video game advertisements, but this one took me to awareness, then interest, and ultimately action once I tried the free demo a few days later. I enjoyed it so much I bought it once and then again as a gift. PopCap used an excellent mix of humor, gameplay exhibition and target-specific advertising here that really worked. It doesn’t hurt either that they have a history of fun/addictive games to garnish their reputation. Plants vs Zombies is no different in this respect. I feel compelled to warn you not to try the free demo until after finals week. You can also make a “zombatar!” on their website.




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1 06 2009
Derek Allen

There were actually three nights to the event. The bulk of the event were short films people made and submitted themselves with at least one feature length film each night, perhaps more depending on the number of submissions and such. There was also a “zombie prom” and zombie walks, where people dress up like zombies and dance/stagger around. Its an annual event. There are zombie survival guides and forums, zombie games, zombie films, and even college courses on zombies. Zombies are really big right now. Also there were vampires, but those are just zombies with glamor and pensive introspection.

1 06 2009

I kind of can’t believe there are enough zombie films to have an entire film festival.

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