Toyota Prius Harmony Commercial

1 06 2009

From Theo Hunter

I think this is a very creative and effective ad that Toyota has been airing for the 3rd generation Prius. The first time I watched this ad on television it instantly reminded me of a child hood favorite, The Wizard of Oz. The way the children in the Prius ad are dressed and pop up out of no where is very similar to the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz. I thought this was a strategic angle they took because it creates an emotional connection with people who have seen the movie, which is a large number of the population. It also connects with different generations because people of all ages have grown up watching that movie. The over all concept fits perfectly with the concept of Prius because it symbolizes a balance and harmony between nature, man, and machine. The tone of this ad is very happy and uplifting. The sun, blue sky, flowers, and butterflies give the ad a bright feeling with the children smiling and waving their hands. The selection of music works well with the ad because it has a upbeat tempo and has a generic sound that most people would not mind listening to. In the song it also states “There’s a reason for the sunshine sky” which makes the listener assume that the benefits of Prius are the reason for the world’s sunshine and happiness. I found this ad to be very effective because it makes the viewer take a hard second look as you start to notice every single aspect of the ad is made up of people dressed as nature. This forces consumers to concentrate more on the ad and take in it’s message while still enjoying the creativity.




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