Go Miniman Go

29 05 2009

From Lauren Easby

I think this ad is fun and entertaining to watch. It shows all the different things you can create with Legos. The ad takes the viewer through a Lego world to show their products. I think if someone were flipping through channels they would stop on this ad to see the Lego men come to life and other things that are created.
The tag line “where to next?” gives the viewer the idea that the ideas shown are only a few places you can go with Legos but there are so many other places and things to create. This is Legos was of showing that even though they have been around since the 80’s they are still creating new and exciting toys. On the website there are other clips on how Legos were made in the 80’s compared to now. Plus, you can upload a picture of yourself onto a Lego figure.




One response

1 06 2009
Taylor Smith

I thought this commercial was a lot of fun. It was very creative the way they used legos to show the course of popular culture. Starwars, to Disco, to Hip Hop to Hockey. The only question i had was what was actually achievable and what was not. What i mean is, do they actually offer a lego disco floor? Or how about a lego subway? Do they really sell a line of breakdancer lego guys? Great commercial !

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