The Benefits of a Talented Director (Gap Ad)

28 05 2009

From Scott Zoltan

Statement: One of the reasons I picked this advertisement is the interesting way through which I came across it: through researching the work of film director Spike Jonze. This indicates that Gap’s commissioning of a recognized film (and skate/music video) director was a worthy investment. When film directors generate a cult following, fans will seek out a director’s portfolio of work and can come across a commercial the way I did. With regards to the actual commercial: I feel that this is an effective commercial because it has a very successful “lead-in”…once the customers start knocking things over the viewer will most likely feel the need to stick around and see what the advertiser (Gap) is “getting at”. As the chaos escalates, one wonders how this could be a gap ad at all because it mostly centers around the destruction of all the things that Gap represents (organization, clean cut clothes etc.) However, when the payoff arrives and the viewer is notified that new stores are coming, it is clear why the chaotic action was necessary. This ad is intended to create awareness among consumers. Gap wants viewers to feel that there will be a drastic change in the stores and so they commissioned a filmmaker to produce a drastic, attention-grabbing ad.




One response

1 06 2009
Chris Turney

This is an awesome ad. Nice find Scott. I would add that this commercial follows the theme of fall and redemption. I know Gap has struggled in the past, and it seems like they are “clearing the dust” for a new line of stores and products. Moreover, this ad made me change my beliefs surrounding Gap. Changing the perception of a brand must be incredibly difficult; however, this ad manages to do it in a minute and a half. Brilliant.

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