Red Bull

28 05 2009

From Chris Tuney

This ad is branding Red Bull as a lifestyle. It is also interesting that Red Bull has sponsored athletes. This is an approach that Nike or Adidas uses to promote their sporting merchandise. Red Bull is different because it is a drink. I also found it interesting that the product was not placed in the scene, and was used only as a background of the last shot. Overall, a very engaging ad that draws interest of consumers, and also desire.




2 responses

30 05 2009
Leah Nibley

I think that Red Bull took an interesting approach by creating this ad. Had I not seen the words Red Bull in bold-faced type above the utube screen, I would have had no idea what was being advertised until the end of the clip. This is a smart advertising strategy because the company makes you watch the entire advertisement before they present their product. Like Chris said, Red Bull has taken a similar approach to a sport’s merchandise company, which I think is a smart strategy. This unique and cool ad definitely caught my attention.

28 05 2009
Willow Hill

I agree, marketing a drink as a lifestyle is a new and innovative idea. I think that by putting faces on the brand they hope to gain loyalty more than anything else because they are connecting with people on another level, by appealing to their interests and life and not just weather or not someone wants an energy drink. If anything I think that its a sign they are appealing to a different demographic than before with the cartoon commercials. These seem to target people they already know are active and have energy vs. people who may need energy.

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