28 05 2009

From Zane Ritt

nternet advertisements have become so commonplace that many have resorted to more eye-catching tactics. Banner ads are comprised of flash animations that scroll text and flash lights, play video, or make us shoot 10 ducks in 30 seconds to “win a prize.” There are ads that suddenly grow from a corner of your screen blocking an article that you might have been reading. On the internet, there is no space that’s not for sale for advertising, even if it is on top of the actual content you were searching for.

This is an advertisement that automatically played for the first week of the design relaunch of the music review site a couple months ago. Upon loading the site, the video would play and actually interact with the navigation bar at the top of the site. It moved, was bent, and even broken throughout the ad before it was replaced at the finish. Have we become so accustomed and jaded to internet advertising that this is what it takes to get our attention? Or is this simply good placement that demands that we take notice? It’s undoubtedly a clever ad, but personally it makes me wonder at what point our internet browsers are going to be hijacked completely in order to bring us the latest products.


Anyone speak Dutch?




One response

1 06 2009
Dylan Sylwester

Normally I dislike banner ads. It seems as if advertisers without imagination turn to banner ads (or pop-ups) when they’re unable to find an innovative way to gain brand exposure on the internet. Many web browsers now have pop-up/ad blockers to eliminate just these such annoyances. I appreciate smart advertisers who know how to reach their target audiences without loud music and bright, flashy animations at the top of my screen.

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