28 05 2009

From Audrey Vejraska

I really like this commercial for Canon Rebel XSi because of the combination of music and graphics. I think it is really unique how they portrayed the action by using a series of photos taken by the camera advertised, which created the motion that we see in the commercial. The commercial is really emphasizing the importance of capturing memories and “the trip” of life. It also shows the speed and quality of the camera and how it is a useful tool in capturing those unforgettable moments that happen in our day to day lives. I think it is an affective commercial; the images get you interested in what product is being advertised and the music is also very catchy and memorable.




2 responses

31 05 2009
Taichi Yoshino

I was also very impressed by this commercial. I like the point where the character and the situation gradually change because this cannot be expressed by a normal movie (unless people edit it by computer). Another interesting point is that this commercial does not appeal the quality of the photograph itself, but the memories that users can recollect through the photograph. The combination of piano sound and the sports movie reminds me of the NBA commercial that says “Where will next amazing happen this year?”

28 05 2009
Timothy Tousley-Ritt

This immediately reminded me of one of my favorite commercials, Nike’s Move from 2002.

Though the stop motion/mosaic video style is definitely different between the two, there is a large similarity in the concept of playing sports and cutting between average players and professional athletes, as well as a similar theme in the music. Both of them seem to rely on the ideas or emotions that are invoked from the viewer based on the images, rather than saying anything about the sports products or cameras.

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