Try Not to Outdo the Product With the Ad

27 05 2009

From Robert Hribernick

This is an advertisement for the recently released Wolverine video game based on the recently released Wolverine movie. Not only is this ad, directed by Rupert Sanders, cooler than the Wolverine game it advertises, it is infinitely cooler than the movie on which the game is based. Long story short: Marvel studios and 20th Century Fox should’ve gotten Mr. Sanders to direct their movie. But I digress. I like this ad because it is an ad for a video game, and it does exactly what video games are supposed to do; put you in the shoes of a character. Shot entirely in a first person perspective, the ad gives the viewer a visceral sense of what it must be like to be a badass mutant with ten inch adamantium claws on each hand. I do, however, have one major problem with the ad: It is kinda maybe sorta just a little bit of false advertising. Since the ad is entirely in first person, showing Wolverine’s perspective as he breaks out of a holding cell, fights a few guards, dodges a few explosions, climbs up a wall using his claws, then tackles a guard over the other side of the wall, using the same guard’s body (poor guy) to break his fall, this is the type of experience I would expect from the game the commercial is advertising. Unfortunately, the Wolverine game is little more than a standard third person button masher, as opposed to an innovative, visceral first person experience that this video hints at. Long story short: Activision and Raven Software should’ve had Mr. Sanders as a creative director for their game. But I digress yet again.This is a great ad, as it generates immense curiosity and interest in its product, even if it is unintentionally guilty of false advertising.

PS: If anyone from Marvel studios is reading this for some reason, please make a Wolverine game based on Rupert Sanders’ commercial.




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