27 05 2009

From Lei Zhong

The famous Japanese cosmetic brand Shiseido aims to bring beauty to every woman. The most important thought in this Chinese Shiseido adv is about the beauty of the moment and the beauty of the whole life. The creative strategy approach is resonance, and the hint is the color “red” which is the brightest color amony all colors. It’s also the big idea to string the story. At the beginning I didn’t notice that the ad just simply used red color and other color like white or grey to contract each other. The story starts with a young lady saw a little girl in red with a red umbrella running in the rain, and then she begins to recall her childhood that her mom always bought her red clothes, after that, the ad starts to shot her use a make-up remover in a red bottle. At the end, the young lady wears a red dress as well. I’ve watched this ad many times and everytime I come up different thoughts and feelings. I think the stmart thing of this ad is that although it choose color like black, white, and grey as its background color, I didn’t feel depressed; instead, I also start to recall my childhood and then I feel happy and sweet, so the contract color red and whole story plot make this ad optimistic. Also the music is another mian element in this ad. I guess all different age women can be this ad’s target. It truly brings all women the information that being beauty of whole life. At the end, the audience only can say this is a beautiful ad.




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