Outside the box

27 05 2009

From Jenny Jensen

To say the least, Hillshire Farm “thinks outside the box.” I find myself singing along with this wacky jingle commercial each time it comes on. At first, the commercial grabs your attention because it is so odd and original and leaves you with a dumb founded look on your face, but if you listen to the lyrics you will find a lot of information. This “music video” is set on an airplane to show Hillshire farm is first class meat. “You can eat lunch meat on an aeroplane” is suggesting that it is easily transportable, convenient, and comes in a nice carry-on case. The tag line “go meat!” lets us know Hillshire Farm is proud to be a meat brand and is basically sticking it to all the vegetarians. 1st class advertising for 1st class meat.




One response

1 06 2009
Patrick Sullivan

I can agree with most of the sentiments that Jenny presents and do also enjoy this ad. This ad with the rest of the Hillshire Farms “Go Meat” commercials are almost reminiscent of the Emerald Nut campaign in that they are slightly eccentric, yet deliver the message in an adequate and desire driving manner. In this manner, Hillshire Farms is able to draw the viewer’s attention and while the message may not be fully understood after the first viewing, a hopeful second or third viewing will reveal the details of the song and thus the brand.

While I understand that the “go meat” slogan and subsequent website URL have strong connotations of anti-vegetarian, I simply believe the phrase/slogan is used to build pride and happiness, rather than polarity and separation.

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