27 05 2009

From Taichi Yoshino

I happened to find this commercial as one of the funny movies in Youtube. This is not a commercial that promotes a particular product but a TV station itself. Obviously, the key point of this commercial is that it uses Darth Vader, which is one of the most famous villains in America as the key image. Vader uses his ability in Star Wars such as the Force and the Light Saber to threat to threat his opponents in golf. It is an affective ad that shows humor through such childish behavior of Darth Vader. Although this commercial is not informative enough to explain the characteristics of Spike TV, it still has a great impact that makes the audience to have an interest towards Spike TV.





One response

31 05 2009
Jennifer Shier

I am of the original star wars generation and I get the resonance. Star Wars has been used a lot for a lot of things, but I think the use of Vedar fits well with Spike’s strategy. Spike targets men who like manly TV like action and adventure. Star Wars fits the genera. The golfing Vedar gives it some humor as well, and golf is probably something the target audience can relate to. It all works very well together. I’ve seen other ads for Spike TV and I think they have a good campaign.

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