Men vs. women

22 05 2009

From Patrick Sullivan
This Nike commercial advertisement highlights Nike’s competitive campaign raising awareness and interest for running. They have decided to have Men compete against women using the Nike+ accessories. This proves to be very successful because the Male v. Female debate and competition has been one full of passion since the beginning of time. Nike taps into this human nature and hopes to sell more Running apparel, shoes, and Nike+ gear to, essentially the entire population. Citing Men v. Women, Nike creates an infinite target market, while still being able to define their products and create action, which in advertising is a huge feat. Kudos to Nike for their successful campaign and I look forward to seeing the Men beat the Women, if we haven’t already.




4 responses

31 05 2009
Megan Zanetos

I think this ad is really cool. First of all, I think the choice of music is good because it’s a catchy song- therefore when people hear it, they’ll connect it with nike. I also like this commercial because they showed the idea of men vs. women well, as the girl erased men to write women on the car or a man waiving bye-bye as he passed the girl. You can definitley sense the competitive nature of the ad. It was a good move on Nike’s part to use Eva Longoria and Tony Parker in the ad as well since many people like them for their Eva’s celebrity and Tony’s athlete repuation.

30 05 2009
Tyler Neish

I think that this ad is great because men and women always want to compete, even from the old days with the Mia Hamm and Michael Jordan ads. It also helps America with its obesity problem by using peoples competitive nature to get them out running and exercising. So now to join the competition they have to go out and buy the nike + system.

26 05 2009
Jessica Piche

I also really like this ad. I think it really makes both men and women want to go out and join the race, just so they have a reason to be running. When you have a goal in mind, or a cause to run for it makes it a lot more fun. This ad may give a lot of people the extra push they need to go out and buy nike shoes and accessories just to be able to join in the race.

26 05 2009
Jon Steinberg

I really enjoyed this ad. I think it did a great job of telling a story about friendly competition, and also showed how much run running can be with the nike+ system.

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