Poor Starbucks

21 05 2009

From Yuki Nakamura

I was really surprised, when I saw this McDonald’s ad. It was my first ad that the company criticize business rival openly.
Is it good way for getting attention with customers? I just felt really bad, moreover I do not want to drink Mcdonald’s coffee anymore.




2 responses

31 05 2009
Scott Zoltan

I actually disagree with the notion that this is ineffective advertising. The limited text and the omitting of Starbucks’ actual name is bold. I know that with me, I love the taste of Starbucks coffee but seeing this advertisement reminds me about how expensive it is. I feel that the next time I am tempted to go to Starbucks I may remember this ad, because the idea of spending so much money on a drink is fundamentally dumb to me. That is why Starbucks is a luxury product. At the same time though, I’m not sure if I would be motivated to go out and buy a McDonalds drink as an alternative. I think that the ad just dissuades me from wanting to buy expensive espresso drinks altogether. The ad is effective in causing me to assess my priorities.

26 05 2009
Eryn Tehan

wow, ya this ad really goes against McDonald’s position as the “happy company.” I know they’re pushing their McCafe and its a great idea. They are running trials of the drinks in their restaurants and if all goes well, they’re opening up actual MCafe coffee houses separate from the restaurant. However, since the drinks are so connected to McDonald’s I think people are having a hard time accepting that the restaurant could be on the same level as Starbuck’s. I think the company is getting desperate that their plan to take over the coffee market is failing, even though it is well known that McDonald’s coffee is better than Starbuck’s. Yes, their coffee is better, but how about their espresso? There in lies the problem. Starbuck’s hires baristas and trains them for 3 months before they can make espresso drinks. People know that. I don’t think its believable that McDonald’s will take the same approach. In a nut shell, people are apprehensive about a fast food chain serving “high end” drinks. If McDonald’s stays away from negative advertising like this, hopefully they’ll still have a chance of getting their foot in the door of one of the largest industries besides fast food.

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