Land mines

21 05 2009

From Kohei Shibuya

This is the ad of land mines of UN
I choose this ad because this ad has impact.
This ad gives fear to the audiences because if I were born in the other area of the world, same thing can happens to me.
The ad is transformational: Affective, involvement through fear and impact.
The ad makes the target audience aware the fact of land mines, which we know about but do not pay attention to in everyday life, and action to help the UN.




One response

28 05 2009
Sydney Ryden

I found this land mine commercial to be shocking. I read the text below before actually watching it, but when I did my jaw just dropped. I wonder how necessary the commercial is. Perhaps I am just naive but after watching it I am now aware of the affects that land mines in other countries are equivalent to but what can I do. Maybe if at the end of the advertisement a little direction for the public would have been helpful because now I am left with a helpless feeling that there is nothing I can do.

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