21 05 2009

From Taylor Smith

This commercial did a great job of holding my interest through combining action, sex appeal and humor. Even before the long legged young lady starts undressing in the men’s room I was engaged in her character. First I was drawn in by her secret agent persona, and bold move to change in the little boy’s room in front of the supposed blind man. Then I enjoyed her PG-13 striptease routine while she changed her secret agent disguise. After the shameless use of sex appeal, the ad left me with a smile as it finished with a hilarious punch line. Very funny, very sexy, very memorable commercial. Too bad it was banned in the U.S.




One response

1 06 2009
Kohei Shibuya

I think this ad uses sex and humor as creative options.
Then these creative options and its movie-like story make the audience be interested in the ad.
This ad also focus on Levis’s position in the industry with positioning creative strategy.
I like this ad but this ad makes me to consider well about advertising.
Since it is banned in the US, as a advertising agency, we must think about how much sexy scene or violent scene is acceptable in the society.

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