20 05 2009

From Eryn Tehan
Pepsi Max:
Pepsi Throwback:

Mountain Dew takes their strategy to a new level in this commercial
premiering their new product, Mountain Dew Voltage energy drink. Holding a
constant position of “intense,” and “refreshing,” Mountain Dew usually targets
their young audience with extreme sports and endorsements by
its participants like avid skateboarder, Tony Hawk. This time, they’re
using their audience to communicate with….drum roll…. none other than their audience.
They’re using a new kind of extreme for their brand; extreme humor and circumstances.
Though this commercial is outrageous, it resonates with youth culture and sticks to
Mountain Dew’s positioning strategy and brand image.
More commercials like this one is what other brands of Pepsico have been all over
in order to redefine their brand and stay ahead of the game. Recently, Pepsico aired a
commercial about a new Pepsi drink featuring retro style, focusing on the fact that they
are using real cane sugar for a limited time in their soda. This is an example of how Pepsi
has moved away from their strategy as youthful and fun, to old and fake. However, by stating
they will use real cane sugar is revolutionary, as most sodas in the U.S. use high fructose
corn syrup. The only place you used to be able to get cane-sugared drinks was in Mexico,
but for a limited time, Pepsi is bringing it to the states. Pepsico has done well with another
brand for men called Pepsi max, a 0 calorie energy drink with a boost of caffeine which
premiered during the Super Bowl 2009. Men can now drink a diet soda without feeling like
a woman trying to watch her weight, is the idea. This smart strategy focuses and battles
the perception men have about diet soda.




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