18 05 2009

From Dustin Tanquary

I chose this commercial because of its humorous content. I remember the first time I saw it and thought it was hilarious and found myself singing the song. I definitely feel that this ad lands in the Affective category for a commercial, as it leaves a message thorough humor. Coors Light is a brand that’s main target audience is the average male and in this commercial I think they do a great job of capturing them. They play on the male camaraderie trait by showing the guy “taking on for the team” so that his buddy can have a great night; the wingman in this instance looks like he is having a miserable time and getting through it thanks in large part to his Coors Light. Though the obvious thing that sticks out in this commercial is the catchy song which I feel is just brilliant, it’s catchy, it portrays to the target audience, and leaves a funny and positive message of the brand.




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