Real Men of Genius

18 05 2009

From Carson York

I don’t know how we can have an advertising blog without Bud Light’s real men of genius ads having a presence. To correct this i have found a compilation of all or most of the ads. Im sure not all people appreciate these ads as much as myself but I am guessing that those people are not exactly Bud LIghts target audience. I have not met a 21-…. year old age man that does not find these ads hilarious. I know that for myself just hearing the background song makes me look up in anticipation, being able to induce this behavior is no doubt a sign of the effectiveness of the ads.




One response

20 05 2009
Tom Sabiel

I feel the same way about the music catching my attention every time I hear one of these ads. On the way to Warriors games back home, we would hear these commercials on the radio and the car would immediately go silent to listen to who deserved a Bud Light. Amusing and has undoubtedly put a positive image in my mind for this beer.

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