17 05 2009

From Chelsey Reid

I remember this commercial because it tells a story and has a catchy song. The whole commercial is filmed like a music video, and features the Fruit of the Loom dressed people to promote their brand. This commercial in particular, features the fruit singing a blues song to promote their new blue line of underwear. It is in filmed in a blue tint except for the fruit themselves, which makes them stand out against the background. If you look hard enough, you can also find the word “blue” written on various objects throughout the commercial like on the moving truck. By doing a more music video style commercial, it made me remember the song and their new blue line. There is also a website you can visit called if you want to hear more songs by them. This is a good way to create brand awareness by connecting your viewers directly to the brand itself.




2 responses

19 05 2009
Theo Hunter

I thought this was a really creative and effective ad because it was a music video which people always want to finish, rather then a generic commercial that someone may ignore. I thought the song was very catchy and fit the idea of the product (the blues collection) to be perfect. The band members dressed as people really gave FOTL personality. The personality I saw was that anyone can wear the “blues” collection. People in the background of the video were all wearing blue and the singer kept claiming he has them, which ultimately makes the person watching the music video want them as well.

17 05 2009
Iris Horn

I think this is a really interesting commercial since it’s target audience seems to be the “MTV generation” (back when they still played music videos). Through this video the fruit guys are actually getting a true personality which makes them become memorable just like the Geico characters. If Fruit of Loom continues to build the fruit guys personality in their commercials I believe they can become quite the advertising icon and increase brand awareness.

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