16 05 2009

From Emily Schmerber

When a friend of mine showed me this ad i was astounded. I decided that it must be fake or simulated and did some research. I found that nothing was fake or done with graphics, it was all engineered! I love that Honda Accord used the parts of the car to astound the audience rather than using an outside form of entertainment like actual dominoes. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it and couldn’t wait to see what happened next. In tag line in the end is a perfect complement as well; “isn’t it great when everything just…works?” It made me recall all of those times when the silliest inefficiency makes you insane…like the tv remote having one broken button, or the toilet paper not being on the dispenser (grrr).




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20 05 2009
Rachel Straub

I’m not so much interested in whether it is all real, although I assume that they wouldn’t outright lie about that. I’m more interested in why they spent six million to produce it! I can think of a lot more interesting ways to spend that much money. I suppose it could be argued (as I think someone already commented) that if a company is willing to spend that much on an ad then they appear to put much care into the production of their cars. However, I don’t believe that most people who watch this ad will realize that it isn’t computer graphics or that it took that much time and money to produce.

20 05 2009
Leighton Cosseboom

I am extremely skeptical to the idea that this was all real. Some of the parts just look like they were CG. Nevertheless, it is a phenomenal ad and the most unique idea for a car commercial I have ever seen. I think this ad will get the Honda brand name to stick in consumers’ minds because this commercial was so creative and unlike any other automobile ad ever.

18 05 2009
Hannah Garces

The fact that the entire sequence is real makes the commercial that much more powerful. It will prompt someone to think that if Honda would put this much into an ad they must put even more time and care into their automobiles. Each individual feature of the car gets to speak for itself.

17 05 2009
eric landon

I love this ad, its so innovative and cool. Also I agree that it is hard to believe that the entire sequence is real. In order to get the whole thing to work there would have to be some serious engineering and it looks like all one shot, so cool.

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