Would you do a tattoo?

14 05 2009

From Alison Kjar

In February 2009, nytimes.com featured the article “The Body as a Billboard: Your Ad Here” which focuses on non-traditional advertising. Air New Zealand recently released a campaign where 30 participants shaved their heads to display temporary tattoos promoting the airline. For their troubles, the newly bald participants were compensated with $777 in cash or one free round-trip ticket to New Zealand. The tattoos stayed on the ‘carnial billboards’ for about two weeks.
I think this campaign is a remarkable one. Its a great twist on the traditional human sandwich board and is very successful in capturing the attention of possible consumers. In a world where the value of traditional advertising is steadily decreasing, its imperative for advertisers to come up with non-traditional means of advertising. In the future, advertising has to become more interactive and consumer friendly for companies to stay ahead of the curve. Traditional advertising is no longer enough, new and innovative ideas are essential to capture a consumer’s attention.

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One response

20 05 2009
Audrey Vejraska

I think this is really different and interesting. Unlike companies just advertising to get attention and relay a message, by having human advocates for their brand or agency it allows people to tell people about things that THEY like and use themselves, unless they only advertise for the money. However, i think by seeing people with messages tattooed (and temporarily tattooed) on their bodies, it really relays the message to many people by actually being able to tell people about the company and its strengths/why they like it. The woman who shaved her head for the airline was able to tell people all about new zealand because she had been there and loved it, while also promoting the advertisement. People become more interested in something if they know people who feel strongly about it and are willing to share their experiences and opinions.

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