14 05 2009

From Eric Landon:

I chose this ad because I saw it years ago and it still stuck in my mind. I think that if it was an American car ad I would still remember which car the ad was for because of how memorable it was. The reason this ad was so memorable was because of the shock factor, and slightly funny. The premise of the ad does not really make a lot of sense but I think it is still effective because of how memorable it is. I also do not think that you would see this ad on television in the United States because generally US ads are not as shocking or controversial.




2 responses

18 05 2009
Adam Garside

This ad is so good because when you see it you will either love it or be disgusted by it. This must have been the goal of this commercial because it will stay in the viewers mind. It is a surprise to me when the cat got his head cut off and I immediately showed my friends. Ads like these are the best because they are so extreme and outrageous.

17 05 2009
Stephen Hoshaw

Wow I think this is one of the most shocking advertisements posted so far! I expected the cat to have some ungodly weight to it and crush the car, or have the cat attack it. To see the car attacking the cat definitely caught me by supprise. The fact that the car cut the cats freakin head off definitely makes this advertisement effective.

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