Minute Maid

14 05 2009

From Courtney Ludwig

I love this commercial because it made me laugh so hard the first time I saw it and it really could happen! People can be pretty dumb sometimes or just oblivious to the situation, so it makes it very real. It does a great job of showing how an affective strategy can be used in the right way. You also wouldn’t expect this to be a juice commercial and it makes you think, but I think in the end the concept came across perfectly and worked just right! It says a lot about the juice too, basically stating that it will enhance your mind and make it sharper. This is the kind of witty humor I like to see in ads.
-Courtney Ludwig




One response

17 05 2009
Taylor Lilley

I remember seeing this ad as well and i thought it was so clever. Not only was it affective but it came across somewhat transformational. It is demonstrating how if you drink this juice, that the way you think can be transformed into a positive way. I really enjoyed the overall message it is trying to convey about the product and how this juice can be healthy for the mind. Even though the manly background voice is a bit boisterous.

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