Daddy’s Little Girl

14 05 2009

From Parriz Lucas

I chose this ad because it is comical and informational at the same time. A lot of commercials that have to do with kids and substance abuse are usually serious and low energy. This commercial is focused more on the parents being just as involved in the decisions their kids make. The dad is so enthusiastic to be cheering with this cute little girl. It also brought me back to my childhood and reminded me of how I was daddy’s little girl. Great commercial




2 responses

17 05 2009
Hannah Moore

This ad is amusing while getting to the point. It is not one of those PSA’s that are too cliché to actually promote change, it genuinely gets the audience’s attention and makes most people smile. I like the beginning when the lady looks out the window and her facial expression speaks for itself like “what the hell is going on?” Then you see the dad getting really into it and the little girl having the time of her life practicing with him. If this PSA was from a series of ads in a campaign I wonder how the others relate well without being repetitive though.

14 05 2009
Lauren Easby

This is a great ad that many different age groups can relate to. Parents will feel happy thinking about their own children, no matter what age. Others will remember times spent with their own parents practicing, playing, or anything. Children watching it will be inspired to spend time with their own dad and involve them in their own cheer leading practice. I love the emphasis on parent involvement.

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