Bad economy, good ads?

14 05 2009

From Hannah Moore

It has been discussed recently that the bad state of the economy nowadays has not effected the beer and alcohol industry at all, and in fact, sales for the products have increased. According to a LA Times blog, “13% of consumers said the economic downturn had significantly affected how much they spend on beer, the smallest percentage of any category.” ( Maybe this is because beer is a luxury that people turn to no matter what the circumstances. And their advertising rarely fails either.

I picked this ad because its content was intriguing to watch and it obviously is targeting numerous audiences. Each image shot, labeled with “The Absolute…” catches the attention of a specific person from a random audience and then attaches the brand to their memory because they are genuinely interested in that topic. The final shot, obviously of the bottle of vodka itself, leaves a final image in the viewers mind that is memorable. Great ad.




2 responses

17 05 2009

The Absolute ad campaigns are successful because they have great continuity: the ads always have the outline of the bottle, whether it be a print campaign or television commercials, and they usually have the “the absolute ___.” The Absolute campaigns are also very different than other beer or liquor commercials because they don’t focus on the experience of drinking the alcohol (like coors and bud, etc), but rather they focus on the actual liquor itself.

17 05 2009
Allison Kjar

I think this ad is an effective one because it does a good job of appealing to all different types of people. A wide variety of people can relate to one “absolute” or another, which might make them more inclined to purchase the particular ad of vodka. I also though the ad had a new approach to selling alcohol. Most liquor and beer ads tend to promote the product by selling a good time while this Absolute vodka ad seems to use nostalgia to sell the product.

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