Staying Alive

13 05 2009

From Melynda Lappin

Because of all the commercials that have come before with the three sports figures (Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, Roger Federer), we already know what brand we will see in this one. There isn’t even a razor in the main commercial. Only at the end do we see the words Gillette and the tag line (here’s to confidence) , but even if you cut the last few seconds off you would still know which brand was being shown. I like it because it is very retro and it has a silly sense of humor.




2 responses

18 05 2009
Courtney Ludwig

I really like this ad just because it is different from what we would usually see. I did find it really weird that they never once show a razor or really anything to do with the brand until the very end. I think it is pretty clever and risky. In this case I agree that you can figure out what the ad is for because of the guys that were used. i like how retro it is too!

17 05 2009
Diane Grewe

I really like this ad, not only did i find it funny and light hearted i also thought it was very unique which caught my attention. At first i was very confused because i had no idea what the ad was for but then the last few seconds the razor ad popped up. I agree that if someone cut the commercial short by leaving what they were watching then they would have never known what the ad was for. Usually i would say that it would be a waste of advertisement money because it is not very clear what the ad is for through out the commercial, but in this case i feel like they did a good job because the combination of the song and the people in the ad are more likely to catch people’s attention and get them to finish watching the ad. I liked the challenge of trying to figure out what the ad was for.

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