13 05 2009

From Chas Faulhaber

Found this series of print ads that Disney used to market their Star Wars weekends in Hollywood


I chose these ads because of the way they were constructed to make the target audience aware of the event. I had not idea that Disney had Star Wars attractions at their theme parks, and in that regard, I was pretty stoked to learn that they not only existed, but the ads also formed questions in my mind. Are these Star Wars weekends a place to watch Star Wars characters participating in daily tasks like everyone else? The ads make me question what their intent is. Does Disney want to convey a humorous event, or are these just tactics to draw people to the attraction? Is the attraction humorous? The amount of ambiguity is good for these ads because I feel that this makes consumers involved in the ads, getting excited the same way many consumers did when they saw Star Wars in theaters. This kind of advertising is effective in my opinion because the level of involvement is heavy, humorous, and overall engaging.




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