12 05 2009

From Scott Rousseau

I chose this ad because I find it very effective, informational, and impactful. TRUTH has many strong and impactful anti-tobacco ad campaigns but this is one of their best in my opinion. The commercials main message is that “1200 people die from tobacco everyday”. What is great about the commercial is instead of just stating the fact, it actually has 1200 people stand outside a Tobacco Corp building and drop “dead”. When the video switches to the aerial view, the viewer truly gets a perspective on how many people actually die. Hearing the number “1,200” is less impactful than visually seeing 1,200 people at once which is why this commercial brings a visual to the viewer that is more effective than just saying or showing facts. The filming throughout the commercial is also done in an impactful way, continuously switching between close-ups and aerial giving the viewer the full effect. Something that I feel changed the tone of the commercial a little bit was right at the end when the guy turned the sign around and it stated “Ever think about taking a day off?”. To me this was kind of funny, even though the commercial is very serious. Either way, the commercial effectively conveys its main point and allows the viewer to ponder the last question. Good job Truth.




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19 05 2009
Parriz Lucas

I really enjoy a lot of the ads that the Truth campaign comes out with. While some can be overwhelming, like when they are singing and have cartoons involved, this one was just right. It was very dramatic and I like that they used a group of everyday people. The part when they all drop is the most effective part because it represents death. The actors do a good job not moving and it is completely silent. This is probably one of the more succesful Truth ads I have seen and would like to see more of this kind.

17 05 2009
Carson York

These TRUTH ads have taken PSA ads to a new level. When i was younger PSA’s still preached, and we all know hoe much people under 18 love to be preached to. This specific ad is powerful, as are all the TRUTH ads. A 12 year old watching this ad will be at some level affected by its message. Hearing 1200 and seeing 1200 are totally different things. Congratulations to the TRUTH campaign for finding ways to connect to people in a way that makes them feel the message.

12 05 2009
Evan Schultz

I’ve always appreciated the Truth campaign. I think it’s a really good affective campaign that engages the viewer by giving them a role as an observer. In the same way that performance art allows the viewer to engage in the creative process, so do the Truth ads interact with the consumer by forcing them to think. This is not a “just say no” message, this is more meaningful. Recent demographic research has shown that “just say no” basically doesn’t work and can even cause backlash in the form of intentional use of substances. I applaud Truth for doing something better.

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