Ray Ban

11 05 2009

From Renee Gilardy

I really enjoyed this Ray Ban commercial. At first one might think the video is homemade but it is in fact a Ray Ban commercial. I think this ad hits its commercial target right on. It is going after trendy youth. Not only is the music modern and edgy but so is the stylistic approach to the commercial. It’s filmed like a YouTube video which is obviously a strategy aimed at the youth demographic for the product. The commercial is also clever because it uses an effective mascot, that of a chameleon, to show off Ray Ban’s various color varieties of sunglasses; this is also how one knows it’s a Ray Ban ad. Their slogan at the end of the video, “Never Hide,” is also very effective because it is another indication that it is a Ray Ban ad, which helps brand the image without throwing it in the viewer’s face by showing a logo. Additionally, the slogan is a good one because it’s implying if you wear Ray Ban’s you are bold, you are not hiding behind a pair of sunglasses, you’ll only be cool and noticed wearing the sunglasses.




One response

11 05 2009
Kevin Beaudry

This is a very interesting ad. At first viewing I didn’t know who this ad was for and thought that the focus was on the Chameleon. But once I saw what the Chameleon was changing colors to it instantly hit me and stuck in my head that it was an ad for Ray Ban sunglasses. Recently I have noticed Ray Ban ads in some magazines that say “colorize” and I think this ad fits perfectly with their position which is focusing on the many vibrant colors of sunglasses that they have to offer.

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