Played on the playoffs

11 05 2009

From Taylor Lillie

This is a part of the NBA “Where will amazing happen this year?” series of commercials. I have only seen this ad on TV once during the playoffs and it is not in it’ s entirety. I think the unique characteristic of this ad is that it combines all of the clips from their other ads of amazing plays into one highlight video. The song in the back ground is by Kanye West and is used perfectly with the tag line of where will amazing happen this year. This song is a powerful and motivating song that helps express and enhance the passion and hard word that the players put into the game they love. The video was made in a way where it starts off with the first round games and eventually ends the video with the championship team celebrating and reaping the rewards from the blood, sweat and tears they put into practice and preparation to bring home the trophy. Kanye West is left singing “So Amazing” as you see the locker room celebrations and the feeling the players get when they hold that trophy is probably so amazing.




One response

11 05 2009
Ryan Dols

When I first saw this commercial I liked it as well. It is different from the NBA’s recent ads where they have been using their own piano tune with no words. This song works great and combines two industries which have formed a relationship in many people’s eyes, hip-hop and basketball. One trend that is similar to this is the NBA and upcoming movies combining footage to create ads. Unlike combining music and basketball, which I think is great idea, combing movies and basketball is not. A recent example of this is the new Angel and Demons and NBA ad. These two industries don’t compliment one another in the same way that hip-hop, or any genre of music, and basketball do. Im curious if people find these ads as annoying and irrelevant as I do?

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