I Pinch

11 05 2009

From Sterling Lentz

Generally speaking, I am a sworn enemy of the personal anecdote given in the wrong setting (maybe this one), but I must say the star of these ads “Gil” the crab has become somewhat of a spiritual leader for me. Personally, it’s reassuring to know that months of market research, millions dollar budgets and massive branding operations can all climax simultaneously as a tiny, barely animated crab. As a notice to all brands: I will lap at the nozzle of your production line if your advertisements can capture just the faintest essence of what Gil embodies. This is the power of advertising.




2 responses

18 05 2009
Jillian Hollis

I found this commercial extremely funny and original. I think the Ad is aiming for a demographic that is young and adventurous, they obviously enjoy going outdoors. Even though they didn’t directly state benefits of the car you could hear them in the banter between the car and crab. Like the car mentions how he carries their surf boards, obvious storage power, the ability to carry your friends and their gear. I think the commercial in general could appeal to a wide audience, because even though it was some what odd it was eye catching and fun to watch. Plus I think car ads that don’t sit there and talk about the car, are show it driving on long curvy roads, those are boring.

13 05 2009

This advertisement is effective and entertaining for 3 reasons. First off, the crab is comical and fun. Second, the crab becomes effective when it interacts with the car, that is also personified, driving the message of the brand home. Lastly, the complimenting colors in the text bubbles and the background is very appealing and relates to the beach, surfer theme. Everything is tied together, giving the ad comical and informational elements/

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