8 05 2009

From Rachel Gillette

I chose this advertisement because although it appears obscure, making it an “affective” ad, it grabbed my attention and entertained me so much that I felt happy after watching it, subsequently giving me a good feeling towards the brand, Cadbury.




2 responses

18 05 2009
Kari Odden

So, I have a little trouble with the ambiguity of this ad because the ending advertisement for Cadbury doesn’t seem prominent enough to stick. However, the Gorilla playing the drums is highly effective; the intensity of the close up, with the flaring nostrils and eye movement really draws the viewer in. When he starts playing the drums, there’s an automatic “feel-good” rush (mixed with pure entertainment), which very well may draw the viewer in enough to pay attention to the Cadbury logo at the end. I just think that a larger “Cadbury” text emphasis would be helpful.

11 05 2009

This ad is fantastic and I think it does a great job of making you feel happy. I like the monkey and therefore I like Cadbury. Is this on TV? Where did you find this?

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