Miller Lite

7 05 2009

From Nicholas Johnson

The Miller Lite Man Law commercials featuring “real men” creating the rules, or creating the code by which “real men” live. The ads address different debates men have about the DOs and DON’Ts of certain situations. The ads feature celebrities that embody the character traits of stereotypical males. There is the cowboy, the football star, the bad boy, the comedian, the tough guy, the ruggedly handsome guy, and the average joe. The ads debuted in the spring of 2006 and the effect was noticeable as men began calling other guys out on the man laws. However, the ads were not successful in increasing sales and the ads were pulled. Miller posted the ads on for a short period of time for people who thought the ads were funny.

I think most people found the ads amusing and could tell you that they were ads for Miller Lite, so why weren’t the ads effective at increasing sales?




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