7 05 2009

From Nathan Ichtertz

This ad both promotes the Apple iPhone 3g and the online Apple applications store. I like it because the ad does what we’re told to do in our journalism classes: show, not tell. The ad shows the user how to find a cab, how to determine your share of the bill from a table of five people and even how to use an app to “fix a wobbly bookshelf” using a level. By showing examples of how to use these apps, Apple has a good chance of luring in new customers to buy the iPhone because of all the features it has, as well as advertising new apps to current iPhone owners.




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11 05 2009

I truly am a fan of the Apple commercials. They are simplistic, concise, and effective. I love that all of Apple’s products, whether its the iPod, iPhone, or MacBook computers, they all have a continuous theme in their commercials that provide viewers with a sense of familiarity. This commercial is informative and its done in a very creative way. The applications that the product is showing, all involve real world situations where the iPhone can come in handy at your fingertips. I love how the first two applications seemed as though they could be used on a daily basis, but then the last application (fixing a wobbly book shelf) is obviously not something one would imagine using their cell phone to fix. This is Apple though, always the first to come up with some of the most inventive products I’ve ever seen.

10 05 2009
Lee Anne Denyer

I think this commercial does a great job of targeting a very diverse group of consumers. I have heard many individuals who are less comfortable with technology these days say they are overwhelmed by products such as the iPhone, but by using these specific examples of the applications available for the phone in this commercial I believe it makes the iPhone more approachable to someone who may not of otherwise considered a fancier phone. The applications demonstrated in this commercial are applications an everyday, less technology oriented person may find useful. I believe this lessens the intimidation of the product and opens up a wider interest to a generally uninterested group.

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