Hell Pizza

7 05 2009

From Lauren Easby
Click here for Video

Hell Pizza in New Zealand has pushed their advertising far; some say a little too far. Many people object to the way they advertise and the message they are sending. Their most controversial advertisement was a Halloween special. The video shows Heath Ledger, Sir Edmund Hillary, and the Britain’s Queen Mother dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller after coming back from the dead. The ad was quickly pulled, deleted from youtube and other places, and very hard to find. This advertising stunt did not stop Hell Pizza from creating other controversial advertisements. Other non-traditional ads include Hitler and Bush. When Hell pizza announced their meat lover pizza, all ads had a pizza coming out of a condom wrapper. They also sent out 170,000 free Hell Pizza condoms to people in the area as part of their lust campaign. These ads bring up the discussion on ethics and where to draw the line. How far is too far? Is the attention worth it for Hell Pizza?




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