Arby’s Sweet Cherry Pie Commercial

7 05 2009

Jennifer Jensen

Arby’s CommercialClick here for more free videos

This Arby’s commercial makes me laugh every time I watch it. The creative strategies used in this commercial are affective and positioning. The music choice is great because it is loud, gets the viewer’s attention, and is a bit corny, reflecting the corny-ness of the commercial. Arby claims its new bacon cheddar roast burger is the “burger done better.” Arby is directly comparing itself to all the burger joints they compete with without naming them specifically. The lesson of this commercial is: you won’t erase a bonafide hottie’s phone number with greasy fingers if you choose Arby’s new roast burger. Awesome.




2 responses

13 05 2009
Stephanie Rund

This is the commercial that I wanted to post, because whenever I see it, it makes me laugh because this is something that would happen to me. However, when I wanted to post it, I could never remember what it was for. For that reason, I think that this commercial is not very effective in promoting the Arby’s brand, just saying that if you are eating greasy food, you should be careful if you get a sexy person’s phone number.

Just like the other comment, I also thought about logic, because you do not know if these two people have ever seen each other before, and it was like that.

10 05 2009
Katelyn Berry

Every time i see this commercial it cracks me up. Although i do not eat fast food, so this commercial does not really have and effect on me, i usually won’t change the channel if it comes on. But then my logic also comes in to play, and i ask, well she didn’t have a purse, where did she get the paper and pen to write the note, where were her keys to her car, they are in a park,was the car valeted? I know its a commercial, logic doesn’t matter.

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