And even more Nike

7 05 2009

From Amanda Johnson

I have to admit, the first time I saw this video I had no idea it was a Nike commercial. I originally thought it was simply a commercial for the Seattle Mariners. I thought it was quite clever that the ad played off of Ken Griffy Jr hitting home runs to local Seattle landmarks where an eager fan was coaxing him on with a target. For myself, it was fun to sit back and remember memories of watching Mariner’s games as well as going ‘oh I’ve been there!’ every time a new location was shown. For that, I feel like they definitely hit the entertainment objective. Even though the Nike symbol doesn’t appear until the very end, I still remember that it’s a Nike commercial because it is the last thing I visually saw.




One response

17 05 2009
Erica Granger

This was the first time I had ever seen this commercial. I have to admit, I don’t get it. How is this a Nike ad? Or why is this a Nike ad? I don’t understand what Nike is trying to advertise here: shoes? a new brand? clothes? athletics? What are they trying to do? I am a huge Nike fan, and all other Nike commercials usually tie into something related to Nike and what they are trying to introduce or create awareness for. But this one has got me stumped. It’s very frustrating now to see this ad and not understand it. I think it is a good commercial if they are trying to advertise the Seattle Mariners or Ken Griffey Jr. or just baseball in general. For those three reasons it is a creative and humorous ad that brings flashbacks to the good old days, which is usually what you want to target for when doing an ad. But what does Nike have to do with this? Or am I just an oblivious idiot?

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