Amnesty International: ‘Frau im Coffer’

7 05 2009

From Scott Fogel

As advertising dollars spent on traditional media continue to be less and less valuable, many companies are exploring the idea of advertising that’s integrated into our daily lives. We continue to see an emergence of buzz marketing, public demonstrations, and interactive displays that encourage consumers to become a part of the ad’s environment.

As Amnesty International’s Germany division turns 60 years old next month, they are choosing to shift their focus to the issue of human trafficking for their anniversary campaign. ‘Frau im Coffer’, which translates to ‘women in suitcase’, has been showing up at European airports for the past few weeks, and gaining valuable media attention in the process.

The idea is simple: they take a clear suitcase, put a live woman inside, and send her through the baggage claim, shocking airport employees and passengers alike. It’s refreshing to see companies use an outside-the-box method of thinking in bringing these issues to the forefront. If you saw a magazine ad reminding people trafficking is still alive, you might glance, and then forget. But seeing an actual person trapped in a suitcase, a metaphor in itself, is something you’d never forget. A creative, well executed idea.




One response

11 05 2009
Alexander Diaz

What a great campaign by Amnesty International and what a great choice for our class blog. This is a brilliant idea to deliver a message and as Scott said we won’t forget. Individuals perceive media in different ways and some others require different channels of communication to deliver the intended message. Some people are more attracted to videos and pictures, some others to graphics and quick phrases with specific languages, but this ad has the power to cross-cultures with its implied message that can be understood even in other countries. People with different learning and perception styles can easily interpret and decode this message without effort. It invites you to see more about it. Excellent!!!

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