6 05 2009

From Willow Hill

Although this is a temporary ad campaign (a lot like the vote campaign) I think that they are extremely successful in directing ACTION among their audience. There are many elements of this commercial that I like, including the imagery and the music. I think that it is brilliant of Starbucks to join causes such as red because it creates a positive association outside of the product for the company. Campaigns such as these build a brand name for Starbucks that stands for something much more than a good cup of coffee.




2 responses

11 05 2009
Masahiro Aoyama

I like this advertising because the way to tell us Starbucks is funny and unique.There are no voice and no actual image. It is composed of only music and letters; however, this combination interests us strongly. Also, letters change one after another, so I like watching this advertising.

10 05 2009
Sarah Hewett

I like this commercial because the music, style and words match with the overall (red) campaign. Although no one talks and there is nothing but red and white words, the creative strategy of the moving words keeps viewers attention. The first time I saw this commercial I had to watch the entire ad before I allowed my friend to change the channel. This proves that, for the most part, it is effective in what Starbucks is trying to do: grab your attention and keep it there. The commercial also makes fun of Starbucks by pointing out that there are stores everywhere. This is aimed to those who aren’t already Starbucks fans, like myself, and who probably criticize Starbucks for being such a big chain.

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