6 05 2009

From Iris Horn

I really like this ad because it is unexpected and tells a good story. It is transformational and affective by confusing the viewer who asks questions like: Why is he making his place untidy in a hurry? And why does he store garbage? Once we see the guy’s friends we realize that he must be an extraordinary tidy college students who doesn’t want to be embarrassed in front of his guy friends. I love the irony of the last picture of the messy room and then the IKEA logo popping up with “Smart Storage Solution” written by it. It reinforces the humor of the commercial.




One response

11 05 2009
Lex Chase

I found this ad to be hilarious and the most creative way to express reasons to get ikea storage because usually people think of storage products and they think boring but this ad changes the ideal. i thought the ad really played on stereotyping;like the typical dirty rock star. I thought what really made the ad was the high energy and great facial expressions, you knew what exactly was happening without any words.

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