Rock Band

5 05 2009

From Katelyn Berry

Here are 3 Rock Band commercials. The one with The men (Kobe, Phelps, A-rod, Tony Hawk) aired first. I really thought that the commercial was funny.I still do. A bunch of grown men acting like children, especially because many of them we look up too. The Athletes prancing around in white button shirts and basketball shorts reminiscent of Risky Business. The Second Commercial was bound to come out. It is the female version… using only 1 female, Heidi Klum. She is, of course, wearing less clothes then the men are and dancing more risque, but i still found it appropriate for the target audience (teens). And lastly, the third commercial stunned me. In this version, and yes it was aired on national television, Heidi Klum rips off her shirt and dances around in a matching black bra and panties. As an adult i found this commercial inappropriate for the audience being targeted. It shocked me and disappointed me that a video game would advertise in that way. I thought the first two commercials were great. The third one, not so much. I didn’t think it was needed. I know many boys/men will find the video great and watch it over and over (as my boyfriend did) but i doubt many of them would even be able to tell you what it was for.




2 responses

10 05 2009
Renee Alvarado

I agree with the comment before mine. I do not think it is inappropriate at all and I guarantee this commercial was not shown in a time slot on television where younger audiences would view it. I agree and think that guitar hero is predominately male, but even as a woman who does not play the game, I like this commercial. You are not seeing anymore than a woman in her swimsuit, I don’t see anything wrong with this.

5 05 2009

You might find the Heidi Klum ad inappropriate, but it is absolutly not inappropriate for the target audience. The fastest way to get into a man’s wallet, no matter how old he is, is to show him a woman in her underwear. I don’t think you understand the target audience here, guitar hero is not a video game for just preschoolers and preteens, people of all ages play this game. I was just talking to my bank teller yesterday, who is 36, and he was telling me about how expensive it was to set up a guitar hero birthday party for his friends 30th birthday. Heidi Klum is appropriate for 30-year-olds. If this commercial played during Blues Clues I can see people having a problem, but it hasn’t, and I don’t think it will.

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